9 İncorrectly Known Knee Pain

9 İncorrectly Known Knee Pain

Knee pain is generally the most common skeletal system problem experienced by athletes over the age of 40 and athletes. Altan Yalım, a specialist physiotherapist who explains the causes of knee pain, said:

Neden These pains can be caused by age, weight, rheumatic diseases, extreme sporting coercion or hereditary problems. Age and weight are the most common causes known to cause erosion as a result of softening and strain in the knee cartilage. Since the cause of these disorders is not unique, there are different ways of treatment. Good diagnosis is the most important pillar of the treatment and therefore the expert opinion should be taken and treatment should be planned. Av

underlined that the necessary treatment should be started by taking expert opinion for moderate pain, and touching on the general mistakes made in knee pain, he said:

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