Causes of Glaucoma

Causes of glaucoma

8-12 March World Glaucoma Week, Assoc.,  There are about 70 million people with glaucoma in the world and half of them are unaware of their illness. Glaucoma, which occurs after the forties and does not give any symptoms by insidious progress, ranks second among the causes of blindness. 10 percent of patients start to treatment is unfortunately late and permanent loss of vision is developing, Hast he said.

Not every eye pressure means glaucoma!

Doç Higher eye pressure increases the likelihood of glaucoma, but it is not the cause, un said Assoc, mez It is not necessary to treat the height of each eye tension, only patients with glaucoma are treated. Since glaucoma is a disease requiring lifelong treatment, the diagnosis should not be made without the necessary tests.

He underlined that glaucoma should be taken seriously Unfortunately, lost sight and visual field cannot be recovered in any way. It is only possible to protect the remaining vision, the visual field and the shape of the eye. Or they can be treated for life if they have any pain. Emergency surgical treatment and additional drops in newborns; In adults, first of all drops, if not enough laser or surgical treatment is required,.

Increases body blood pressure, eye pressure and risk of glaucoma

Assoc, an Glaucoma in all age groups; it is a disease of the optic nerve that carries the images from the eye to the brain. Most people with undiagnosed chronic (glaucoma) type glaucoma may experience no discomfort until the advanced stages of the disease.

When the patient’s vision decline is noticed, the disease may be very advanced. Without proper treatment, blindness is the inevitable end of the disease. Today, it is possible to prevent glaucoma with early diagnosis and treatment by performing an eye examination at annual intervals.  He also gave information about the risk group:

Say Over 45 years of age, family with relatives with glaucoma, diabetics, high number of eyeglasses (extreme myopia and hyperopia), eye area of ​​shock, long-term use of cortisone, high blood pressure or overly low ones, those who use hypertension medication at night, eyes transparent The thin layer (cornea) is in the risk group. In particular, the risk of first-degree relatives of glaucoma is increased by 6 fold.

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