Spanish Style Makeup!

Spanish Style Makeup!

Net Eyebrows

When we look at the flamenco dance, you can see how strong the female figures are, but beyond the figures, Spanish women take their power from their gaze. The look in the look that adds depth is obvious eyebrows. Clear and expressive eyebrows, clear eyebrows instead of faint eyebrows are essential to the Spanish style makeup.

Scan your eyebrows with the help of an eyebrow brush before you get these eyebrows Then proceed with a transparent eyebrow stabilizer through a headlight brush or fill with a soft eyebrow pencil toward the exit direction of the eyebrows. If your eyebrows are thick as is, but thin, there is no harm in thickening.

Misty Eyes

You can use only eye pencil instead of a dense headlight in the eyes. Both black and brown eyelashes that you put into the lash bottom of your upper eyelid and the lower lashes will sharpen your look and give you a strong look.

A pale skin

Make sure to use the foundation make-up foundation mat. It will be ideal to create the effect you want your skin to make your face look a little faded. If you put a base under the foundation to hide your pores, it will make your foundation feel smooth. Don’t be afraid of sharp credit.

The fact that the bones in your face are obvious gives you a hard temperament, but this make-up will make the effect you want very easy. After fixing your make-up with a powder, a make-up in the tones of cold roses will suit.

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