Makeup Lessons: Concealer

Makeup Lessons: Concealer

In this article you will find everything you need to know about the strongest flameproof sealers of your makeup!

What are the types of concealer?
Cream Concealers: It is the most widely used concealer form. Liquid lipstick tubes are packaged in tubes similar to those, are creamy structure. It is easy to deploy and deploy. Concealer is more effective than other formers.


Pot concealer: It is a small, moisturizing, easy to disperse and easy to apply sealers. It is recommended to use with concealer brushes.


Stick sealer: It can be used both as a concealer and as an illuminator. Like all closers, it has a dense structure but is more difficult to disperse than other forms.


Pen Concealer: You can obtain the most natural appearance with these sealers. Ideal for use around the eyes.


What to look for when choosing a concealer?
The material used in make-up is very important. The most important thing to consider when choosing a concealer is the color of the sealer. The purpose for which you will use your concealer is to determine the color. If you are going to use your concealer as an illuminator, a ton of concealer will work a lot from your foundation.

When you use a very light concealer as an illuminator, you create an image that you don’t like very much. But if you’re only going to cover your skin imperfections and to match your skin color, getting the same color as your foundation will give you a much more natural result.


How is the concealer applied?
When applying concealer, you should first apply a rule to your skin or if you want to close your pimples, do not apply the concealer applicator or brush directly to the pimples. If you apply, you spread the bacteria in acne to both the concealer and the whole skin.

When applying your concealer under the eye, take care to dispense with bumper movements, so do not tug your eyes around too much, otherwise you may cause wrinkles. Always moisturize your skin and especially your underarms with a good moisturizer before using the concealer. To prevent the sealant from filling in your eye lines, make sure to secure it with a powder.


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