How Should I Look For Dry Hair?

How Should I Look For Dry Hair?

Let him be a little messy:
Dry hair is fragile and does not come to be brushed or scanned multiple times a day. If the brush does not fall from your hand, you are even breaking your hair.


Decrease of shampoo most damage:
Dry hair also contains oil and these are the oils that the hair needs. Shampooing your hair frequently means that you are struggling with the natural moisturizers your hair produces.


Alcohol is good!
The hair creams you use to moisturize must be soft. Alcohol dries the hair!


Dry hair does not like hot!
If you want to blow, to make a draw at low temperature, make sure to do it. Need to say, the same applies to tongs.


Excessive treatment plagues dry hair:
You may want to go to the hair salon and finish all your work the same day, but dry hair doesn’t like it. For example, do not take the Brazilian hair dryer with the same day, but three days apart.


Don’t let your hair get wet with a towel after the bath!
Do not fence your hair by taking the towel between the hair. Slowly soak the water in the towel and let it dry itself. If you are in a hurry, dry at the lowest setting of the hair dryer.


Easy to maintain: Olive oil-vinegar
If you start to treat your hair well and want to take care of your time, go straight to the kitchen. Lightly heat the olive oil. Hot oil absorbs the scalp more quickly. Fat with your fingertips, hair without behaving towards you, massage slowly from end to root. Wash with shampoo after half an hour. Finally, add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar into a cup of warm water and rinse your hair with water.

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