9 İncorrectly Known Knee Pain

9 İncorrectly Known Knee Pain

9 İncorrectly Known Knee Pain

Knee pain is generally the most common skeletal system problem experienced by athletes over the age of 40 and athletes. Altan Yalım, a specialist physiotherapist who explains the causes of knee pain, said:

Neden These pains can be caused by age, weight, rheumatic diseases, extreme sporting coercion or hereditary problems. Age and weight are the most common causes known to cause erosion as a result of softening and strain in the knee cartilage. Since the cause of these disorders is not unique, there are different ways of treatment. Good diagnosis is the most important pillar of the treatment and therefore the expert opinion should be taken and treatment should be planned. Av

underlined that the necessary treatment should be started by taking expert opinion for moderate pain, and touching on the general mistakes made in knee pain, he said:

Find Out More About Varicose Veins Stockings

Find Out More About Varicose Veins Stockings

What are the recent innovations in the varicose veins sock?

Because of their excessive thickness, frequent and hard weaving, they prevent the skin from being ventilated, they can be worn very hard, the skin areas are wounded on the skin, they cannot apply different pressure to different regions, they are not far from aesthetics, because of the reasons such as ‘classic socks’.

For many years he has tried to stay away from his family and his life is severely restricted. Today’s ’cascade pressure socks eleri, replacing old varicose veins, have eliminated all these negative elements. Both the materials used and the knitting and production techniques used made these new socks much more comfortable. Models such as knee, laptop, crotch, pantyhose, open and closed fingers are produced.

What is graded varicose veins?

Progressive pressure varicose veins stockings are specially made, flexible socks that help increase the circulation in your legs. The dirty blood in your leg veins should flow upwards towards the heart. Varicose veins apply a certain amount of pressure to your ankle and gradually reduce pressure in your leg. With the massage effect it creates, it provides the blood flowing from the ankle upwards.

The amount of pressure applied to your legs by varicose veins is defined as millimeter mercury (mmHg).
Who uses the Varis sock?

• Those who have a clot (DVT) or varicose veins in the deep veins of their legs. Or people in the family with these diseases.
• Patients with varicose veins planned and treated.
• Newly operated persons.

• Those who cannot get out of bed or have difficulty moving their legs.
• Those who are engaged in work that requires sitting or standing for long periods of time (drivers, teachers, etc.).
• Pregnant women.
• Long air travel.
• All men and women who want capillary-like veins to appear as late as possible.

How to choose and use varicose veins?

People who have a vein or lymph vessel disease in their legs and who want to take precautions before getting sick should always seek advice from a cardiovascular surgeon to understand what type of stockings they will take.

It should be kept in mind that there may be a problem that requires treatment, which can be ignored or unnoticeable in the legs but which may lead to more important pictures in the future. After determining the required stocking type, the size of the leg must be measured at different points and the body to be purchased should be determined.

Methods Used to Treat Excessive Sweating

Methods Used to Treat Excessive Sweating

Sweating; is a physiological process that develops as a result of our body’s response to internal and external stimuli. However, excessive sweating may be the cause of some health problems. Thoracic Surgery and Lung Transplant Surgeon Assoc. Dr. Erkan Yıldırım explained the methods used to treat this problem.

Is excessive sweating a disease?

From the brain, an excess of chemical discharges the mechanism, which stimulates the sweat glands, causing excessive sweating. Mostly, excessive sweating occurs when standing, hands-feet-head neck-face drips and / or sweats in flowing style. Redness may also sometimes be accompanied by redness; blushing may also occur without perspiration.

What are the causes of excessive sweating?

Some diseases (cancer, diabetes, thyroid diseases, some psychiatric diseases, etc.) may occur as a result. There is often no obvious reason. Sometimes excessive stress and anxiety trigger sweating. Excessive pain, spicy, onion and garlic can also cause excessive sweating.

How to Diagnose?

The patient is diagnosed by examination of the patient and listening to his complaints. Patients with excessive sweating should firstly be examined for endocrinology, psychiatry and dermatology examinations and to see if there is any other disease. If these treatment options do not provide adequate control, the surgical treatment option should be explained to the patient in detail. The patient should not be in a hurry to make a decision;

What are the treatment options?

Although botox, some herbal treatment options, acupuncture, meditation and hypnotherapy have been defined and applied, the success of non-surgical treatment options is low or short duration. As a solution to excessive sweating, many of the products that are sold and offered on the market are very low, they are temporary, or they have very high side effects. Never take a product without consulting a doctor

Surgical solution Aşırı is available for excessive sweating. Success rate is very high (* 90% of patients with ETS sympathectomy with clip) and this effect is permanent; one study reported no perspiration in more than 60% of patients, even after 12 years.

Precautions to be Taken Against Colon Cancer

Precautions to be Taken Against Colon Cancer

Colon cancer, also known as large bowel cancer, is frequently seen in the community after 50 years of age. In 95% of cases of colon cancer, the onset of the event appears as colon polyps. Colon polyps are tumoral lesions originating from the large intestine inner tissue that are gradually growing starting from spot tissue growth.

• As these polyps become larger, the likelihood of returning to colon cancer increases. The probability of returning to the polyps larger than two centimeters is 50 percent. On the other hand, villous polyps are easily transformed into colon cancer compared to tubular or tubulovillous structures. Growing polyps can be a precursor to cancer.

• The risk of colon cancer is considerably increased if cellular changes are encountered in the pathological examination of biopsies taken over polyps. The duration of doubling the magnitude of the colon polyps is a period of several years. Therefore, follow-up colonoscopy procedures to be carried out at specific intervals may determine whether the polyps of the colon are present and determine whether these polyps have a high risk of cancer.

• With regular follow-up, risky colon polyps are diagnosed before reaching larger sizes and can be removed by colonoscopic method (polypectomy procedure). Thus, the event is stopped before reaching the stage of colon cancer.

It should be checked every 5 years without complaint

• In Europe and the United States health policies, it has been accepted that colon cancer should be diagnosed before reaching life-threatening levels by performing colonoscopic examinations every year from 50 years in fully healthy individuals who have no complaints. For this reason, intestinal examination has been included in check-up programs since the age of 50 years. Thus, it is envisaged that successful treatment of large bowel cancer will be achieved and life will be saved. In colon cancer patients in the family, this colonoscopic examination programs can be started at a younger age in relation to the characteristics of the cancer case.

Is Yogurt Useful For The Vagina?

Is yogurt useful for the vagina?

Ob Due to the Lactobacillus bacteria contained in it, yogurt can be an effective drug. This bacterium, which is found in useful bacteria species, does not irritate the intestines, urinary tract and vagina.

It is thought that it is possible to restore the balance of flora and PH in the vagina by using yogurt with beneficial bacteria. Lactobacillus removes infection by secreting hydrogen peroxide that kills Candida.

In the pregnancy period where drug use is limited, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of yogurt in the fight against vaginal infections because of the probiotics it contains.

Use plain yogurt

The use of plain yogurt containing Lactobacillus and without natural, sweetening will provide effective treatment.

It is highly likely that sugar is used in other types of yogurt. Using these yogurts can lead to a worsening of the infection and symptoms, because sugar causes the fungus to multiply.

How is it applied?

Use your fingers to apply the yogurt into the vagina.
Put yogurt into the unused buffer applicator and apply the yogurt into the vagina with the help of the applicator.
Refill the unused buffer applicator with yoghurt and cool it, then apply it.

Causes of Glaucoma

Causes of glaucoma

8-12 March World Glaucoma Week, Assoc.,  There are about 70 million people with glaucoma in the world and half of them are unaware of their illness. Glaucoma, which occurs after the forties and does not give any symptoms by insidious progress, ranks second among the causes of blindness. 10 percent of patients start to treatment is unfortunately late and permanent loss of vision is developing, Hast he said.

Not every eye pressure means glaucoma!

Doç Higher eye pressure increases the likelihood of glaucoma, but it is not the cause, un said Assoc, mez It is not necessary to treat the height of each eye tension, only patients with glaucoma are treated. Since glaucoma is a disease requiring lifelong treatment, the diagnosis should not be made without the necessary tests.

He underlined that glaucoma should be taken seriously Unfortunately, lost sight and visual field cannot be recovered in any way. It is only possible to protect the remaining vision, the visual field and the shape of the eye. Or they can be treated for life if they have any pain. Emergency surgical treatment and additional drops in newborns; In adults, first of all drops, if not enough laser or surgical treatment is required,.

Increases body blood pressure, eye pressure and risk of glaucoma

Assoc, an Glaucoma in all age groups; it is a disease of the optic nerve that carries the images from the eye to the brain. Most people with undiagnosed chronic (glaucoma) type glaucoma may experience no discomfort until the advanced stages of the disease.

When the patient’s vision decline is noticed, the disease may be very advanced. Without proper treatment, blindness is the inevitable end of the disease. Today, it is possible to prevent glaucoma with early diagnosis and treatment by performing an eye examination at annual intervals.  He also gave information about the risk group:

Say Over 45 years of age, family with relatives with glaucoma, diabetics, high number of eyeglasses (extreme myopia and hyperopia), eye area of ​​shock, long-term use of cortisone, high blood pressure or overly low ones, those who use hypertension medication at night, eyes transparent The thin layer (cornea) is in the risk group. In particular, the risk of first-degree relatives of glaucoma is increased by 6 fold.

How Are Plant Baths Prepared?

How Are Plant Baths Prepared?

It is said that Cleopatra owes its beauty to language with regular milk and honey baths ş Since ancient times, people have discovered many ways to relax and rejuvenate with various healing materials that they mix into the bath water. You can rejuvenate and rejuvenate with these healing baths, so you can rest your entire body and soul with the power of water.


If you do not want your plants to be dispersed in the water, you can add the plants in the recipes to the water in a gauze or pouch. Or you can add the plants in the pot or 1 liter of boiled water in the pot for 15 minutes and then add to the bath water by filtering.


Relaxing herbal bath recipe
Fill your bath tub with very hot water, add 7-8 drops of lavender oil (or a handful of dried lavender flowers) with a bunch of daisies, lemon balm and nettle. After the water has been warmed up, relax in the bathtub for at least 20 minutes. Chamomile is a strong antiseptic, especially if there are various wounds on your body or dryness in your skin, this mixture will be very good for you.

Nettle will accelerate blood circulation and nourish your skin and hair. Lemon balm and lavender, the best known calming plants. Wrap yourself warmly after this bath and get a nice sleep by feeling your w

Spanish Style Makeup!

Spanish Style Makeup!

Net Eyebrows

When we look at the flamenco dance, you can see how strong the female figures are, but beyond the figures, Spanish women take their power from their gaze. The look in the look that adds depth is obvious eyebrows. Clear and expressive eyebrows, clear eyebrows instead of faint eyebrows are essential to the Spanish style makeup.

Scan your eyebrows with the help of an eyebrow brush before you get these eyebrows Then proceed with a transparent eyebrow stabilizer through a headlight brush or fill with a soft eyebrow pencil toward the exit direction of the eyebrows. If your eyebrows are thick as is, but thin, there is no harm in thickening.

Misty Eyes

You can use only eye pencil instead of a dense headlight in the eyes. Both black and brown eyelashes that you put into the lash bottom of your upper eyelid and the lower lashes will sharpen your look and give you a strong look.

A pale skin

Make sure to use the foundation make-up foundation mat. It will be ideal to create the effect you want your skin to make your face look a little faded. If you put a base under the foundation to hide your pores, it will make your foundation feel smooth. Don’t be afraid of sharp credit.

The fact that the bones in your face are obvious gives you a hard temperament, but this make-up will make the effect you want very easy. After fixing your make-up with a powder, a make-up in the tones of cold roses will suit.

How Should I Look For Dry Hair?

How Should I Look For Dry Hair?

Let him be a little messy:
Dry hair is fragile and does not come to be brushed or scanned multiple times a day. If the brush does not fall from your hand, you are even breaking your hair.


Decrease of shampoo most damage:
Dry hair also contains oil and these are the oils that the hair needs. Shampooing your hair frequently means that you are struggling with the natural moisturizers your hair produces.


Alcohol is good!
The hair creams you use to moisturize must be soft. Alcohol dries the hair!


Dry hair does not like hot!
If you want to blow, to make a draw at low temperature, make sure to do it. Need to say, the same applies to tongs.


Excessive treatment plagues dry hair:
You may want to go to the hair salon and finish all your work the same day, but dry hair doesn’t like it. For example, do not take the Brazilian hair dryer with the same day, but three days apart.


Don’t let your hair get wet with a towel after the bath!
Do not fence your hair by taking the towel between the hair. Slowly soak the water in the towel and let it dry itself. If you are in a hurry, dry at the lowest setting of the hair dryer.


Easy to maintain: Olive oil-vinegar
If you start to treat your hair well and want to take care of your time, go straight to the kitchen. Lightly heat the olive oil. Hot oil absorbs the scalp more quickly. Fat with your fingertips, hair without behaving towards you, massage slowly from end to root. Wash with shampoo after half an hour. Finally, add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar into a cup of warm water and rinse your hair with water.

Tips for Makeup Refreshing

Tips for Makeup Refreshing

If you can not take care of the morning until the evening carefully do not take a look at our suggestions!

Eye make-up:

If you have used headlight in your eye makeup, the first phase of maintaining your makeup is to use a headlight base. Some use of headlamp prevents your head from flying and keeps you in sight all day long. So you don’t need refreshing.

Carrying a few cotton swabs in your makeup bag can be a savior to clean your flowing eyeliner or eye pencil. For your spilled mascara, you can use the tapes in your office. Unfortunately, there is not much to do for the closure closures, but it is best to check your makeup in the mirror and distribute the stuffing by using your ring finger. We recommend fixing it with a powder.


Ten makeup:

If you are using powdered products, it may not be very desirable to apply the foundation on top of each other. Again I suggest you use some of the makeup saying that the best refreshing method of makeup is to increase the persistence. Thus, you are preventing your foundation from flying. Besides, if your skin is oily, you can control the lubrication by carrying a powder with you.



If you use matte lipsticks, you won’t have too much contamination and opening problems, but the biggest mistake you will make if you live is the matte lipstick overlap. Therefore the most beautiful refreshing method will freshen the places opened with a lip liner of the same color. If you are using normal creamy lipsticks then there is no harm in driving your lipstick again.